How Big is Your God

To say I was blown away by the response at the end of the service on Sunday would be an understatement. In my years of doing ministry  I have never seen the Spirit of God fall so strong on a church service. In fact, that may quite possibly be the best service we have had in our brief two-year history. Many people were openly weeping during the service as God moved on their hearts. Then what took place at the end of the message was nothing short of amazing.

The message focused on the holiness of God. In Ex. 19 we see that storms are an opportunity for God to display His holiness. At the end of the message I invited people, who were going through a storm, to come forward and be anointed with oil as a symbol of their trust and submission to God. I honestly expected maybe 3 or 4 people to come forward. After all, we had never done anything like this before. What happened next blew me away. Almost the ENTIRE church got out of their seats and came forward. The presence of God was so strong that no one wanted to leave. That’s what happens when an entire church submits themselves to God.

If you are experiencing a storm in your life I want to encourage you to listen to the message here. There’s a reason for the storm and if you’ll press on, and not pull over, you will find the very presence of God in the middle of it.

Because there were so many people who came forward I didn’t get the chance to hear anyone’s story. If you came forward to be anointed I’d love to hear what God is doing in your life and how I can continue to pray for you.

3 thoughts on “How Big is Your God

  1. Thank you for this message, there is someone that is going thru her own storm right now and this message helped me see the bigger picture.

  2. Brad I remember only one time in my life I was in the middle of this kind of koinina (sp?) it was awesome and the atmosphere was almost thick with the Holy Spirit and you are right no one wants to leave the Presence of God! Can you imagine what heaven will be like?? Woohoo

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