Re: focusing Christmas

What an overwhelming response to the message today. God is doing something in the life of our church like I have never seen in these first 2 years. At the end of the service I asked everyone to fill out a card and let me know their next step. The response was overwhelming. Tons of cards turned in. Here are just a few of the responses we received:

  • I need to blow the dust off my Bible.
  • Allow us to serve others as we touch lives inside and outside of our church.
  • I need to do a 180.
  • Help others to know God.
  • I want a personal relationship with Jesus that can’t be shaken.
  • Take the focus off me!
  • I want to become more intimate with God.

This week I will be on a prayer retreat. I’m taking some time to get away (just me, Rambis, and God). Throughout scripture you see that God speaks when we take time to pull away from the noise. I’ll be taking time to seek God’s direction for our church in the coming  year. I will also be taking  time to pray through the cards that were turned in today. What is your next step with God? How can you refocus on Him in the coming year? Let me know. I’d love to come along side you and encourage you in prayer.

One thought on “Re: focusing Christmas

  1. Crazy how God works. I contacted you earlier this week to say that I would pray on tues the 21st. I just looked at the prayer guide for the first time and saw that it is to pray for those in a prison of sin… Right before I looked at it, I was writing letters to some very close people in my life that are in literal prison. My heart has ached for these people over the last year, and it was just easier to ignore them so I wouldn’t have to feel the pain. God is speaking to me, I’m reaching out.

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