Denny’s Part 2

It happened again. Last Christmas our family had one of the most amazing God encounters at Denny’s. You can check out that blog post here. Well, it happened again. Last week we were headed to LA to see our new grand-daughter and we stopped to eat at a Denny’s in Kingman, AZ.

Just like last year, each family member agreed to give up one gift ($25 value) and instead give that money to someone in need. When we saw the Denny’s sign everyone remembered what happened last year. That’s when we all agreed to pool our money and give it to our waitress. As we pulled into the parking lot we said a simple prayer that God would lead us to the table and waitress that needed the help. When she walked up and introduced herself we just about blew our cover because we all had this stupid grin plastered across our faces (“You don’t know it yet, but you’re about to get one of the biggest tips of your life”). When we got the check I wrote a simple note to her explaining what we did each year and she was the one we wanted to bless and left her a tip for $125.

We hurried outside and waited by the car to see her reaction. The manager walked over, gave her the note and cash and she just stood there stunned. She walked a couple of steps, stopped and reread the note. She must have done that 3 or 4 times. We jumped in the car and agreed that this was by far the best Christmas present we had received. Yes, I said received. The blessing we received was far greater than the gift we gave. We are now making the Denny’s Tip a Christmas tradition.

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