Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 1

Sunday we talked about the importance of God’s Word in our lives. If you missed the message you can listen to it here. Over the next  28 days we are joining together as a church for the Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge. 28 chapters in 28 days. After today’s reading post your thoughts and read what other’s have to say.


Acts 1 (Key verse, Acts 1:8).


What does it mean to you to receive the power of the Holy Spirit?

What does it mean to be a witness for Jesus?

This coming Sunday is Friend Day. We want everyone to bring a friend with them to church this Sunday. As I think about who to invite, when to invite, and how to invite, verse 8 reminds me that nothing will happen unless I am empowered by the Holy Spirit. I can’t save anyone. Only God has the power to save. However, when the Holy Spirit comes on me I will receive the power I need to tell everyone about the hope of Jesus Christ. I am praying for you and want to encourage you to pray for others as we reach out to our friends this week.

8 thoughts on “Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 1

  1. We thought when we read this that it was possibly talking about speaking in tongues.
    We also both agreed that being a good witness for Jesus is just that. To stand up and testify to others that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

    1. Kinda funny how we try to make being a witness so complicated when it comes down to simply telling others about Jesus.

  2. Verses 1:6 & 1:7 really spoke to me, I know I ask God all the time when something will happen or how I will know what to do. God has perfect timing and I am comforted knowing He is in control at all times.

  3. This chapter really encourages me. If I’m following Christ, I often should EXPECT to be unaware/unprepared for what His will is, but be affirmed in the renewal/guidance of the Holy Spirit. This passage also encourages me to be of one mind/body with the other members of Connection Church in prayer and thanksgiving.

  4. I’ve been going thru a rough patch the last several weeks, and I was encouraged to write scripture on a piece of paper and keep it with me all the time. When I would start to get upset, I would pull out that paper and pray right there. The Holy Spirit has been with me, encouraging me all the way. The other night I was in my old neighbor hood and one of my neighbors was telling me about how difficult things have been for her lately. I told her that all you can do is pray( knowing that she is not a christ follower) She said I dropped to my knee’s last night and begged God to listen. At that moment the Spirit prompted me to pull my scripture paper out of my pocket and give it to her. It was dark out and she instantly started squinting to read the words. I was so thankful that the Spirit put her in front of me. Little things like this can reach others in a big way!

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