Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 2


Acts 2 (Key verse, Acts 2:38)


What must you do before you can receive the Holy Spirit?

What kind of sins are keeping you from receiving the Holy Spirit?


At Connection Church we want to help you take your next step in your walk with Jesus Christ. So, we’ve developed what you might call a spiritual road map to help you on your journey. We call it the 12-3-1 Spiritual Growth Plan. This plan is modeled after the life of Jesus. He served with 12 disciples, was close to 3, and got 1-on-1 with the Father. In verse 42 we see the early church follow this same model.

42 All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching (what we call Show Up-Sunday church), and to fellowship (what we call Connection Teams-this word actually means “to serve”), and to sharing in meals (what we call the C3 Life), and to prayer (what we call God Time-what  you’re doing right now).

For more info on the 12-3-1 Spiritual Growth Plan click here.

8 thoughts on “Acts 28 Day Reading Challenge: Day 2

  1. Even those who have no seeable( is that a word) sin, ie. alcohol, smoking, drugs, struggle with the un-seeable sin (again is this a word) anger, fear, and jelousey. I am so thankful for our church community. We see each othe, confess our sins, help each other thru a rough patch, and by the Grace of God, we are forgiven. It feels like we have a genuine church, no judgement. I like that, cause it seems like thats what these guys in Acts were going after.

  2. You must repent of your sins to recieve the Holy Spirit.
    Brian- Never being fully satisfied with possesions/Anger
    Molly- Anger

  3. I love the picture of the “Fellowship of Believers”, as my Bible calls it, that is given in verses 42-47. It is awesome to be a part of a church that seeks after this model of getting together and serving, sharing, and praying.

  4. Brad,

    I have written a new title in my bible under “The Acts of the Apostles”. A subtitle, if you will, “How to be the Church”. So many things we can take to heart in the here and now after only reading two chapters!

    Why is the Bible so important? Right here in the first two chapters we see the importance of the eye witnesses of Jesus’ life and ministry. We’ve got to stay true to these teachings because these are the first hand experiences. When we stray from the bible, we can loose touch with who Jesus is and his purposes in our lives!

    Here in chapter 2 I am constantly reminded of the night and day change in Peter! Before the power of the Spirit at work in him, he was cowardly. Afterward, he was a courageous public speaker and preacher!

    I’m excited to be a part of this Connection Church family, and desire to live and be the Church with each one of you through the power of the Holy Spirit!

  5. I love Peter’s response to the people who thought they were drunk: “It’s only 9 in the morning!”

    1. What a fun comparison. Being drunk is an out of control experience. The Apostle’s were definitely out of their OWN control! They were operating under the power of the Holy Spirit in them!

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