This morning I finished another God Journal. This one spans January 13, 2014 – October 17, 2014. I began the spiritual practice of a God Journal over a decade ago. This has been one of the biggest catalyst for spiritual growth in my relationship with God. 4 Reasons Why You Should Keep a God Journal 1. A God Journal keeps […]

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opportunity or opPOORtunity

Life is full of trials, difficulties, and setbacks. How you approach life makes all the difference. Some people wake up each day and see life as an opportunity while others wake up and see life as an opPOORtunity. Those who approach life as an opportunity look for solutions to problems. Those who approach life as an opPOORtunity see only problems. […]

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Appreciation Journal

Today I received an unexpected text from my wife Laura. We’ve been married over 29 years and she never ceases to surprise me. The text said “Bradley Appreciation Journal.” That is one of the coolest texts I have ever received. She didn’t expect a Laura Appreciation Journal, but I did it anyway. Now before you dismiss this […]

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Numbers Matter

AT CORE CHURCH WE ARE ALL ABOUT CELEBRATING NUMBERS BECAUSE… Every number has a face. Every face has a story. Every story matters to God.  HERE’S WHAT GOD DID IN FEBRUARY 2 Number of people who made a first time commitment to follow Jesus. 3 Number of people who went public with their commitment to […]

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Christmas at Denny’s

Several years ago our church asked the question, “What if we each gave up one Christmas gift this year and gave that money to someone in need?” That began a Christmas tradition in our home. Every year we each have the option of receiving one less gift ($25) and donating that money to someone in […]

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