The Worst Question to Ask God

When faced with adversity, pain and struggle the biggest mistake we make is asking God “Why? Why am I going through this? Why is this happening?” In our struggle to find answers we come to¬†faulty conclusions or give answers that are empty and never really suffice. I’ve been reading this week through Job. Next to […]

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Last year¬†our cat went missing. As we began to check around the neighborhood we discovered several cats had gone missing. Then we discovered the culprit; coyotes. But where did they come from? We’d never had coyotes in our neighborhood before. Mysteriously, they started to appear the moment Life Church started breaking ground just to the […]



The picture on the right was taken less than a week after the picture on the left. Both¬†were¬†completely unrelated and unplanned. However, they are¬†a beautiful picture of God’s grace from swing to swing. Over Christmas¬†Laura and I returned to the place where I proposed to her over 30 years ago. This was the first time […]

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This morning I finished another God Journal. This one spans January 13, 2014 – October 17, 2014. I began the spiritual practice of a God Journal¬†over a decade ago. This has been one of the biggest catalyst for¬†spiritual growth in¬†my relationship with God. 4 Reasons Why You Should¬†Keep a God Journal 1. A God Journal¬†keeps […]

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opportunity or opPOORtunity

Life is full of¬†trials, difficulties, and setbacks. How you approach life¬†makes all the difference. Some people wake up each day and see life as an opportunity while others wake up and see¬†life as an opPOORtunity. Those who approach life as an opportunity look for solutions¬†to problems. Those who approach life as an opPOORtunity see only¬†problems. […]

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