The Worst Question to Ask God

When faced with adversity, pain and struggle the biggest mistake we make is asking God “Why? Why am I going through this? Why is this happening?” In our struggle to find answers we come to faulty conclusions or give answers that are empty and never really suffice. I’ve been reading this week through Job. Next to […]

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Last year our cat went missing. As we began to check around the neighborhood we discovered several cats had gone missing. Then we discovered the culprit; coyotes. But where did they come from? We’d never had coyotes in our neighborhood before. Mysteriously, they started to appear the moment Life Church started breaking ground just to the […]



The picture on the right was taken less than a week after the picture on the left. Both were completely unrelated and unplanned. However, they are a beautiful picture of God’s grace from swing to swing. Over Christmas Laura and I returned to the place where I proposed to her over 30 years ago. This was the first time […]

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This morning I finished another God Journal. This one spans January 13, 2014 – October 17, 2014. I began the spiritual practice of a God Journal over a decade ago. This has been one of the biggest catalyst for spiritual growth in my relationship with God. 4 Reasons Why You Should Keep a God Journal 1. A God Journal keeps […]

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opportunity or opPOORtunity

Life is full of trials, difficulties, and setbacks. How you approach life makes all the difference. Some people wake up each day and see life as an opportunity while others wake up and see life as an opPOORtunity. Those who approach life as an opportunity look for solutions to problems. Those who approach life as an opPOORtunity see only problems. […]

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