This week we saw yet another mega-church pastor resign. In the past year there has been a wave of large church pastors resigning as a result of moral, emotional and spiritual issues. This is deeply saddening and these men, their families, and churches need our prayers. So what happened? They all loved God and wanted to […]


Put Down the Protest Sign

This week Oklahoma lawmakers approved a bill that stands up for the rights of an unborn child. If signed by the Governor it will be the first of its kind in our nation. For 2,000 years the Church has stood against injustice. I have said many times that the Church should be known more for what we […]

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And They Called Me Banana

This past week I did a video shoot in preparation for our September Playlist series. Every year we pick popular songs from the radio, the band performs them, and then I preach about them. This year we thought it would be fun to have local radio personalities introduce the songs. The first shoot was a reunion […]

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The Worst Question to Ask God

When faced with adversity, pain and struggle the biggest mistake we make is asking God “Why? Why am I going through this? Why is this happening?” In our struggle to find answers we come to faulty conclusions or give answers that are empty and never really suffice. I’ve been reading this week through Job. Next to […]

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Last year our cat went missing. As we began to check around the neighborhood we discovered several cats had gone missing. Then we discovered the culprit; coyotes. But where did they come from? We’d never had coyotes in our neighborhood before. Mysteriously, they started to appear the moment Life Church started breaking ground just to the […]