I Have My Doubts

Journaling is a regular practice for me. It’s the place I am most raw and real before God. So, rather than write out a post, I thought I would just share my journal entry from this morning. I hope it encourages you…

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Why God?

Our country has been devastated by two more tragic and senseless shootings. This time in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. The question so many of us ask (both unbelievers and believers alike) is “Why? Why did God allow this to happen?” The truth is I don’t know. That’s not the answer most people expect […]

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The Best Year Ever

THE BEST YEAR EVER Making 2019 the best year ever is all in how you approach today. The sun rejoices like an athlete eager to run a race. Does that describe how you get up each day? If you wake up groggy, cranky, and with a poor attitude you’ve just set the tone and direction […]

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Jesus on Instagram

Social media, the internet, and technology are overrated when it comes to spreading the Gospel. There have been so many advancements in technology and its use in the spread of the Gospel. We can get the message out to the masses through social media, podcasts, and things like Reddit. The options are endless. We believe […]

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This week we saw yet another mega-church pastor resign. In the past year there has been a wave of large church pastors resigning as a result of moral, emotional and spiritual issues. This is deeply saddening and these men, their families, and churches need our prayers. So what happened? They all loved God and wanted to […]